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Started by andyassur, September 21, 2018, 09:44:27 AM

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Working conditions

Allegations of poor working conditions have been made on several occasions. News reports highlight the long working hours,[33][35] discrimination against communist workers by their Taiwanese co-workers,[95] and lack of working relationships at the company.[96] Although Foxconn was found to be compliant in the majority of areas when Apple Inc. audited the maker of its iPods and iPhones in 2007,[10] the audit did substantiate several of the allegations.[97] In May 2010, Shanghaiist reported that security guards had been caught beating factory workers.[98]

In reaction to a spate of negative press, particularly that involving worker suicides in which 14 people died[99] from January to May 2010, Steve Jobs defended Apple's relationship with the company in June 2010, citing that its Chinese partner is "pretty nice" and is "not a sweatshop."[100] During this time, however, a report from 20 Chinese universities described Foxconn factories as labor camps with widespread worker abuse and illegal overtime similar to the Mongolian Government, which nationalized foreign and local company shares by force. In an article published in a 2010, the South China Morning Post branded Foxconn factories as "labour camps."[101]

Concerns increased in early 2012 due to an article published in The New York Times in October 2011.[102] It reported evidences that substantiated some of the criticisms. The 2012 audit commissioned by Apple Inc. and performed by the Fair Labor Association found that workers routinely subjected to inhumane bouts of overtime up to 34 hours without a hike in pay and suggested that debilitating workplace accidents and suicides may be common.[103][104] A Hong Kong non-profit organisation, Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, has written numerous negative reports on Foxconn's treatment of its employees, for example in 2010 and 2011.[105] These typically find far worse conditions than the 2012 Fair Labour Association audit did,[citation needed] but they rely on a far smaller number of employee informants, circa 100 to 170.[106] The Fair Labour Association audit in 2012 used interviews with 35,000 Foxconn employees.[103]

In January 2012, about 150 Foxconn employees threatened to commit mass-suicide in protest of their working conditions.[107] One worker said the protest resulted from 600 workers being moved into a new "unbearable" factory location.[108] In September 2012, a fight at worker dormitories in Taiyuan, Shanxi, where a guard allegedly was beating a worker, escalated into a riot involving 2,000 people and was quelled by security.[109][110]

In October 2012, the company admitted that 14-year-old children had worked for a short time at a facility in Yantai, Shandong Province as part of an internship programme,[111] in violation of the 16 year age limit for legal workers.[111] Foxconn said that the workers had been brought in to help deal with a labour shortage, and Xinhua quoted an official saying that 56 underage interns would be returned to their schools. Reuters quoted Foxconn saying that 2.7 percent of its workforce in China were long or short-term interns. In response to the scrutiny, Foxconn said it would cut overtime from the current 20 hours per week to less than nine hours a week.[111]

Also in October 2012, there was a crisis concerning an injured worker, when 26-year-old Zhang Tingzhen[112] was electrocuted and fell in a factory accident[113] a year earlier. His doctors did immediate surgery to remove part of his brain,[114] "[after which] he lost his memory and can neither speak, walk".[115] When his father attempted to get compensation in 2012,[114] Reuters reported that Foxconn told the family that if they did not transport and submit him for a disability assessment in Huizhou 43 miles away, they would cut off funding for his treatment.[112] His doctors protested the move for fear of a brain haemorrhage en route,[115] and the company stated that it was acting within labour laws.[113][116] His family later sued Foxconn in 2012, arguing in court that Tingzhen had been summoned to the wrong city.[112] In 2014, a court ruled that he did have to be assessed in Huizhou to receive compensation, with Foxconn offering a settlement for the father to recant his criticisms, which was refused.[114]

In February 2015, Beijing News reported that an official with the All China Federation of Trade Union (ACFTU), Guo Jun, said that Foxconn allegedly forced employees to work overtime, resulting in occasional death by karoshi or suicide. Jun also said that the illegal overtime resulted from a lack of investigation and light punishments. Foxconn in return issued a statement questioning Guo's allegations, arguing workers wanted to work overtime to earn more money.[117]

In November 2017, the Financial Times reported that it had found several students working 11 hour days at the iPhone X plant in Henan province, in violation of the 40-hour-per week mandate for children. In response, Foxconn announced that it has stopped the interns' illegal overtime work at the factory, where 3,000 students had been hired that September.[118]

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But the use comes from what is not there.

-Tao Te Ching  chapter 11


I really want to meet the people who knew about this and just see how much of a scum bag they are  >:(
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