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password managment

Started by andyassur, August 06, 2020, 03:20:46 AM

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what is everyone doing for password management? i really trying to harden down my password management. ive started using lastpass.com a month or 2 ago(using a password passwords with at least 24 characters and all symbols). but i'm considering using some thing like onlykey.io for hardware authentication or instead of lastpass maybe using some thing open source like bitwarden.com or sesame multifactor authentication. and what about network password management?

to be hacked right someone needs to crack either at least a 24 random string. or have access to my last pass which would need my password and physical contract with my a device. or my email to my lastpass and password and access to a device. i dont know if that is strong enough?

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Honestly I have a memory system. I do keep a spread sheet for complicate ones.
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